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(11 pages) Index: BC-348 TIPS; By Dave Stinson AUSTRALIAN PRC-64's SOME ANSWERES TO PRC-64 QUESTIONS; PRICE GUIDES FOR WW-II JAPANESE RADOS; By Bill Howard. ***********************************************

BC-348 TIPS; By Dave Stinson Questions concerned low audio output and freq shift in a BC-348-R. Copied to the list for general information. d.s. --------------------------------------------------------

Hi Jack! The frequency shifting is likely a sticky backlash gear. The gear on the end of the tuning cap is composed of two cogs tensioned by a spring. The two cogs can get stuck or the spring can loose it's tension. Get this system working and the jumps should stop. On the audio-- I have several BC-348s and have worked on many more. The audio on all of them will run you out of a room and the quality is excellent when used unmodified according to the original design. Low audio in these rigs usually results from one or more of these: 1. Improper B-voltage supply. 2. Misalignment. 3. Speaker mismatch. Let's look at each one. 1. B+, B- supply. The B-supply negative is NOT returned to ground in a BC-348. In the "R" model it is returned through choke 123-B. Two resistors in series with a bypass cap at their junction leave the ungrounded end of the choke and provide negative grid bias to the 6K6 output. The 6K6 should be pentode-connected, as in the original design. Please do not change the output transformer. The original transformer is very high quality and only needs to be treated correctly. If your output stage was run without grid bias in the past then the tube, transformer, screen-grid resistor etc. are likely candidates for damage. Check operating voltages at the 6K6 tube socket. Disconnect speaker, antenna and ground. Turn the volume to max. Use MVC position. Referenced to chassis ground, voltages should be: Pin 1: 0V Pin 2: Heater (+28 volts in unmodified unit) Pin 3: 200VDC (plate) Pin 4: 210 VDC (screen) Pin 5: -8 b Pin 6: n/a Pin 7: Heater (+20 VDC in unmodified unit) Pin 8: 0V (cathode) If you believe you have fried windings in the output transformer, let me know. I have spares. 2. Misalignment. People would be surprised to know how many receivers sound bad for no other reason then serious misalignment. Many hams simply crank on the IF cans for max speaker noise, then twist the RF/Mixer caps the same way. This can lead to serious problems with bandwidth, sensistivity etc. The alignment procedures aren't tough but they do need to be done correctly. I strongly recommend getting a copy of the AN/ARR-11 (BC-348 in 1949) procedures from Fair Radio or W7FG (1-800-807-6146). This will help any BC-348. 3. Speaker Mismatch. Any receiver is only as good as it's speaker. There are two taps on the 348 output transformer- 300 ohms and 4000 ohms. Match properly using a good quality transformer to a good quality speaker. These three steps will solve most low-audio problems in a BC-348. Best of luck with it! 73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S ***********************************************

AUSTRALIAN PRC-64's; Within the last couple months I've notice twice the availability of PRC-64's of Australian origin. One of these even had marking that indicated it's use by Australian SAS. Now that we have several Austie members maybe some questions can be answered. #1.was the PRC-64 a common issue item of the Australian military? If so approx what years? #2.Is it a fairly common radio set in Australia? #3.Are these of Delco manufacture as those are that we have? #4.Were any of these sets marked with the generic Delco model No. of 5300? #5.Have any of the synthisized,or SSB variants ever been encountered there? #6. Are there any deferences that you know of between Austie & U.S. versions ? The next radio to pick your minds about will be the 618T,so get ready. Thanks, Dennis Starks; MILITARY RADIO COLLECTOR/HISTORIAN STARKS ELECTRONICS,wholesale supplier of used communications equipment. **************************************************

SOME ANSWERES TO PRC-64 QUESTIONS; Within the last couple months I've notice twice the availability of PRC-64's of Australian origin. One of these even had markings that indicated it's use by Australian SAS. Dennis #1.was the PRC-64 a common issue item of the Australian military? answer; They were standard issue to commando/SAS units. Not sure from what year but they were disposed of last year. So assume discontinued around 1990. #2.Is it a fairly common radio set in Australia? answer; Only amongst amateurs & collectors. The Army advertised their disposal less crystals, with accessories & manual in Amateur radio magazines on a bid basis and substantiating or describing your reason for wanting one. There is a surplus store with stock for around AUS$100. Don't know if they have accesories with them. #3.Are these of Delco manufacture as those are that we have? answer; Yep, same. #4.Were any of these sets marked with the generic Delco model No. of 5300? answer; They were the military version. #5.Have any of the synthisized, or SSB variants ever been encountered there? answer; Not to my knowledge, they would have been all standard. #6. Are there any deferences that you know of between Austie & U.S. versions ? answer; No, even the manual is U.S. (Sometimes the Australian defence publishes it's own version or a copy of the original TM with Aussie cover & face pages. Cheers, John A. Kidd Collector: military radio. Tullamarine, Interests: military aircraft & vehicles, Chrysler cars. Victoria. AUSTRALIA *****************************************************************

PRICE GUIDES FOR WW-II JAPANESE RADOS; By Bill Howard Bill Howard subits thes price guides for Japanes WW-II equipment as presented to him by various deals & collectors. Thanks Bill. These are the prices that have been told to me by various collectors or items that have been advestised for sale. There is no guarantee that these price quotes are accurate and there is no guarantee that the same item can be gotten at the same price today. Field radio repair kit, missing most of the tools. Had a non-electric soldering iron and a small brush. For Type 94-3C set. $25.00 (1972) Japanese multi-meter, WW II ? $80.00 (1980) Japanese telegraph key, wooden base $20.00 (1987) Japanese Navy Code Book(Secondary Additive Numbers) Text Translated and use verified by by Frank Rowlett,one of the WW II Code Breakers. $200.00 (1987) Type 92 field telephone, no leather case, pair $150.00 (1988) Japanese Type 94-6 Transceiver, missing T/R switch, with incorrect tube socket grafted on the original. $ 50.00 (1989) Japanese Type 94-3C Receiver, one coil, power connector cut up, one support missing, several tubes missing $100,00 (1989) Japanese Type 94-5 Receiver, excellent condition, missing leather flaps. $100.00 (1989) Japanese Navy battlephones, 2 phones, one with 70% original paint, one badly corroded $ 75.00 (1989) BD Japanese Navy ships battlephone, N.I.B. condition $125.00 (1989) Japanese Type 94-6ansceiver, chassis only, with broken meter but with antenna/counterpoise connector $ 35.00 (1991) LD Hand cranked generator for Signal Light set $ 42.00 (1991) Japanese Navy Signal lights, battery powered $117.00 (1991) Japanese tubes, N.I.B. $26.00,$33.00,$53.00 and $130.00 Various prices Japanese Model 99 Mark Tobi 1 aircraft radio receiver,no case $100.00 (1991) Japanese TM Handy Wireless set, chassis only, no case $100,00 Japanese ships transmitter, badly modified, parts missing, in poor condition, front panel components in place, restorable. Asking $65.00 (1991) SB Japanese Type 94-6 Transceiver, with generator and cable $ 12.00 WOW!! Japanese Type 94-5 transmitter - traded with an Italian receiver for an A/N TRC 10 worth about.... $150.00 (1992) Headset/throat mike for Type 94-5 set, missing mike element $ 25.00 (1992) Frequency Calibration meter, used with radio on a Zero, with broken meter, missing crystal and tube $ 10,00 (1992) Set of crystals for Type 94-5 transmitter, 4 crystals $ 80,00 Japanese Type 94-5 Receiver and transmitter with all leather flaps, transmitter missing carry strap and tube. $515.00 (1992) Field Telephone, Type 92 $ 55.00 (1992) RY Headset, with paper tag still on it, for Type 94-3 series radios $ 25.00 (1992) HE Japanese Type 94-2 Ground to Air set, receiver only: Manions Auction open reserve bid $200.00 Sold to a Japanese collector $728.00 (7/1992) ═Speaker diaphram assembly╬ from a price list $ 25.00 JP Aug 1992 Description sounded like something from a telephone 2 handcranked generators, type and use unknown $ 75.00 LD ` $200.00 LD Type 94-5 receiver, no case,missing one tube, 2 present with shields $ 75.00 CS Aug 1992 Japanese multi-meter, in a wooden case $135.00 LD Multi-meter, meter only,no case $ 5.00 ARC Sep 1992 Japanese Naval Landing Party Field telephone $150.00 LD Sep 1992 Type 94-5 radio station, complete with all accessories: Headset/throat mike, generator, sold by Manions to a Japanese collector $2,000.00 Headset/throat mike for Type 94-6 transceiver, sold by Manions to a Jap Collector $385.00 1990 LD Japanese Naval Landing Party Transceiver ═Valued at╬ $ 300 to $500 1992 LD Japanese Type 94-5 receiver, looked to be in excellent condition but on close examination the power connector had been cut out and a hole cut in the chassis. $250.00 LD Sep 1992 UZ 12 C tube with good filament, purchased in Japan $ 82.00 NT Oct 1992 Type 94-6 transceiver Asking price $175.00 CS Oct 1992 No 2 Trench telephone (Demers Collection) ═Valued at╬ $200.00 Japanese Naval Paratroopers Experimental radio, second version, Not for Sale ═Valued at╬ $500.00 12 Line cordless switchboard ═Valued at╬ $250.00 Assorted collection of tubes, N.I.B. $ 20.00 each Type 94-5 receiver, leather flaps cut off, with tube shields and data plates $250.00 Collection, consisting of: Type 94-5 transmitter, Trans to Receiver cable, key, headset/throat mike, Type 94-6 Transceiver with hand cranked generator and both battery cables. $1,000.00 FPA Jan 1993 Collection: Type 94-5 transmitter, trans to rcvr cable, headset/throat mike, Type 94-6 transceiver W/O tube; Manion Auction, closed 14 Jan 1993 Reserve bid of $250.00 Sold for $1,050.00 Jan 1993 Aircraft radio receiver, pilot training, no tubes, one coil $ 150.00 FPA Feb 1993 Lot: Headset/throat mike for Type 94-5, headset, Type 94-5 bench test power cord, 2 antenna/counterpoise connectors for Type 94-6 $ 150.00 FPA Feb 1993 Canvas Accessory bag for Type 94-3C radio(Rare item) $ 35.00 FPA Feb 1993 Unidentified radio cord w/plug (Type 94-5 Headset/mike plug) $ 26.08 MA Feb 1993 Leather Accessory pack for Type 94-6 set (Rare item), traded for two test sets worth $ 120.00 LD Apr 1993 8 Line cordless switchboard $ 125.00 FPA Apr 1993 UZ 6D6 tube, good filament $ 10.00 GC Apr 1993 Spring motor generator signal light, unissued,with all accessories and a spare bulb. $ 165.00 Manions 1993 Lot: two MK 66 Transceivers, 2 headsets, 1 mike, 1 power cord in poor condition, no tubes $325.00 FPA Jul 1993 Sold: One MK 66 transceiver $300.00 Jul 1993 Type 94-3A Transmitter, Receiver in metal case, with a wooden drawer with receiver coils. $1,700.00 JW Aug 1994 Japanese Type 98 B test set, to test tubes under load, 1/2 of the complete set. $ 35.00 LD Aug 1994 Japanese Type 94-3C Receiver ARC Ad $ 225.00 Oct 1994 Japanese Type 92-4 Air Ground Receiver $ 800.00 Nov 1994 Type 94-5 Radio station, consisting of: Wooden transport chest Receiver, damaged,no tubes, transmitter, mint condition, no tube, Receiver to transmitter cable, Accessory bag, mint condition Assorted components, capacitors, transformers, resistors $391.94 OS Jan 1995 Japanese Type 94-6 transceiver $500.00 LD Feb 1995 Japanese Type 94-6 F 19 Hand cranked generator $ 350.00 LD Feb 1995 Battery Box for Type 94-3 Special Receiver, missing inner shelves, wiring and plug sockets. $ 45.00 LD Mar 1995 Spare Parts Kit, unidentified radio, Naval, Broken UX 30 tube, vobrator,3 resistors, wire wound rheostat, throat mike.(Unusual plug on mike) $95.00 LD Mar 1995 Japanese Mega-meter (Insulation tester) Cracked wooden case, missing meter cover, missing screws, missing meter cover. $ 85.00 SB Apr 1995 Japanese Field telephone switchboard, in two leather cases $500.00 LD Jul 1995 Japanese Aircraft radio direction finder with antenna, dynamotor,(Missing all 13 Octal base tubes) $500.00 LD Jul 1995 Same as above, missing worm gear drive, no antenna or dynamotor $325.00 LD asking price Japanese Type 94-6 transceiver in leather case with headset/throat mike, generator, cable, antenna and counterpoise rods. $1,600.00 JW Jul 1995 Japanese Type 94-2 Air Ground Receiver Owner would not reveal what he paid for it, but I list it to show the set changed hands, etc. 4 Japanese tubes, limited use $20.00 2 KX 5 Z 3s, 1 KX 142 and 1 UZ 78 Battery box for Type 94-3 Special receiver $35.00 LD Aug 1995 Japanese aircraft radio, transmitter and receiver, stackable units, with one power cable. $500.00 LD Aug 1995 Leather pouch for some electrical item, traded for a variable cap and variometer for Type 94-5 transmitter $40.00 Aug 1995 Japanese Naval regulated power supply, missing one tube $150.00 asking price Ma meter, replacement for aircraft freq calibration unit $ 20.00 Sep 1995 Dynamotor for Aircraft radio, 12 volt, dual dynamotors, for Type 96-1 Naval radio $100.00 LD Sep 1995 Vibrator for aircraft radio, 12 volt input, 200 volt output, for Naval Type 96-2 $100.00 LD Sep 1995 Japanese aircraft radio, probably Type 99-3 asking price. $1000.00 Japanese aircraft radio, (Sam Heaveners ad) asking price $1,200.00 Japanese Type 94-5 receiver with three spare tubes $1000.00 sold to a Japanese collector Transport chest for Type 94-5 radio station, missing the insides, inventory chart present $ 70.00 WH>KL Oct 1995 Repair tool kit, No 7 with soldering iron, three wrench unit, tweezers, missing the screwdriver, part of T 94-3A set $ 65.00 Oct 1995 Replating of three tools $ 15.00 Oct 1995 Wooden transport chest for Type 94-3A accessories, missing rope handles $120.00 Type 94-3A radio set in metal case with a box of receiver coils, Sold to a Japanese Collector $ 1,700.00 Nov 1995 Japanese Type 99-5 Aircraft Receiver, found in a Flea market in N.J. $250.00 PL Oct 1995 Japanese meter in a case, Type 98 Test set ═A╬ unit, Vibrating reed AC Freq meter, two loose meters, Aircraft panel on/off switch GIFT ($ 100,00) DK>WLH Japanese HRO set, 8 spare coils and AC power supply, with power cords and a Japanese Type 94-3A set with one spare receiver coil $3,000,00 Nov 1995 Japanese Type 94-5 Receiver with flaps and part of a headset, Part of a headset plug that was missing pins and a cover,and a throat mike element. Set had old US batteries which had leaked and rotted away part of the metal. Sold to the Lakeland Pawn Shop $200,00 Japanese Type 94-5 Receiver, 94-3A or C key, two 22.5 volt radio batteries, headset for Type 94-3 A or C Radio Set and a Type 92 telephone in case with a ground rod. Puirchased at an un-disclosed price Above Receiver was late war production, three bands only and missing an original tube soccket $425.00 22.5 volt radio B battery $ 70.00 Jan 1996 Element for a throat mike $ 20.00 Jan 1996 Collection of 6 Japanese laboratory meters in cases, 2 small uncased meters, 1 US and 1 Japanese and a Type 96 Contact Film printer with two processing tanks, six chemical trays, two sun print holders, two brushes, two camera straps, two cable releases. $250.00 Plus $144.o7 for shipping $ 399.07 Feb 1996 BH No 1 and No 2 Coils for a Japanese Type 94-3A transmitter $ 40.00 Feb 1996 LD Japanese HRO type radio, badly damaged, no data plates, missing tubes, with wooden chest with 3 coils. Asking Price $300.00 JORA Wooden Chest, possibly for RDX radio $175.00 Feb 1996 JLP Japanese HRO set, condition unknown JORA Japanese Type 94-5 Receiver chassis, parts set, no dials, variable capacitor $ 15,00 Jul 1996 KL Japanese headset/throat mike, use unknown $ 550.00 Manions Japanese headset/throat mike for Type 94-6 $ 365.00 TR>LD>WLH Japanese Type 94-6 radio, in leather case with carrying strap, in near mint condition $495.00 Sep 1996 ME Japanese UF 109 A Tube, N.I.B. $ 20,00 CS The items listed below are from a ═For sale╬ list dated Feb 1996 and sent for publication in the publication: SAMUARI The prices are the asking price, not necessarily what it sold for . 1940 mfg Type 92 field telephone,near mint $115.00 1944 mfg Type 92 field telephone,mint $ 95.00 1943 spring motor/magneto signal light $145.00 1944 Navy Headphones,with cord $ 235.00 1944 wierd looking field telephone in wooden case $ 40.00 1933 cardboard box for radio battery $ 15.00 WW II VOM in wooden case with test leads(4) $145.00 1941 Navy marked Volt/Amp meter $ 45.00 Japanese cloth band headset, plug for Type 94-3C set & Japanese bakelite key with plug for Type 94-3C transmitter $150.00 LD 1943 voltmeter with green cloth covered leads $ 25,00 LD > WH 194? voltmeter with brown cloth covered leads $ 25.00 LD Japanese Portable signal Lamp consisting of a hand cranked 6 volt generator(in-operative,stripped gear) and a chest with the signal lamp head, mounting post, filters, spare lamp case with four (dead) lamps, power cord with key and assorted goggles. Generator legs are very rusty, gear is stripped and both generator and chest are missing carrying straps. $ 450.00 LD Japanese Radio keys, probably for a base station $ 75.00 Jan 1997 LD Spark Gap transmitter base station key $ 45.00 Jan 1997 LD Naval Landing Force Field Telephone $ 100,00 Jan 1997 Japanese Type 94-3A receiver in a case with a battery drawer. Rare set, normally part of Type 94-3A transmitter and receiver $ 400.00 1996 KL Hand cranked 6 volt generator for signal lamp, missing power plug and with stripped gear in gear train, $200.00 Mar 1997 WH Type 19 Hand cranked generator for Type 94-5 transmitter $325.00 Apr 1997 .Model No.2 Trench Telephone, leather case, no grounding rod $275.00 May1997PA Canvas antenna bag, Type 94-6 transceiver $ 20.00 May 1997 JE Type 100 Signal light, incomplete, Consisiting of: Canvas bag, periscope tower, battery box and lenses, missing power cord, and what ever $125.00 May 1997 JK Type 94-6 transceiver, leather case, antenna rod(1) $261.40 May 1997 PA Transceiver case missing the carry strap, Meter glass is broken, had a UZ 30 MC tube with a good filament, had the Antenna/Counterpoise connector. Accessory Pack for Type 94-6, with Battery Box $209.00 Jun 1997 PA Type 94-6 transceiver w/leather case, antenna/countepoise rods, antenna bag and battery cables $700.00 Jun 1997 SS Type 94-6 Transceiver, w/leather case, no tube, missing straps $250.00 Jun 1997 KL Package Deal (See Collectors Bonanza for photos) undisclosed price worth $4,000.00 Type 94-6 antenna/counterpoise rods in canvas case $250.00 Jun 1997 PA Headset/throat mike for Type 94-6 (A real bargain) $150.00 Jun 1997 PA ***********************************************

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