K4CHE GO-9 HF/MF Transmitter Project

                                                           Acquisition Phase    A Saga of sorts.

                         "The Hunt or the Acquisition of the equipment is half the fun"

               I decided that I wanted to find the GO-9 transmitter and get it operational after my visit to Gilbert,Pa and the MRCA meet several years ago.  On display that year was Steve Finelli's N3NNG's very complete GO-9 set to include the very rare top and bottom shock mounts.



                 The GO-9 was just a neat looking set and it was utilized in aircraft.


                                                                Ray Fantini KA3EKH

                I search in vain at the hamfests for GO-9 equipment, then I visited Ray, KA3EKH and saw
his TBW set up, so I decided that the first Navy set that would be introduced into my "Operations Center" would be either the GO-9 or the TBW and this expanded my search efforts but in either case the set must include the low frequency transmitter. And "Charlie" must approve.


                                       Entrance to the "Operations Center"


                          " Charlie" is on watch in the Operations Center



        I liked the looks of the TBW and planned on building the enclosure and adding the legs.


                                     The Saga Continues  




        Then at a Annapolis radio flea market I spotted the low frequency unit for the TBW and purchased it at bargain prices and the decision was made to attempt to put together a TBW set was made. I assumed* that the Navy low frequency unit would be the hardest one to find so it was a good start, now all I had to do was find the rest of the set.
    * "You can't assume a xxxdamn thing in the Navy." Lt Cmdr P Queeg.



              The low transmitter of the TBW was in good shape. I was off to a good start.

             Then on a visit to Paul Bernhardt's "Bat Cave" - - - Ray KA3EKH spotted a GO-9 set which included both transmitters. .

       The set was basically complete,however the power supply was completely gutted on the inside.. The "Intermediate or Low frequency transmitter is on the left, the "Rectifier" power supply in the middle and the HF set on the right.


       Ray Fantini, KA3EKH- Zorro K4CHE-Tom Bryan N3AJA and Dr. Paul Bernhardt, KF4FOR.



        Data plate of the Low Frequency set.

          The Rectifier Data Plate was missing and later added. Thank to Mike Hanz KC4TOS.

         Where do all the data plates go? MIA is the HF transmitter data plate.

          So it was the GO-9 set for me, aircraft equipment all the way. I will abandon the TBW quest.
PBYaircraft manual photo from:



       Mike Hanz, KC4TOS has a very nice and "complete" GO-9 installed in his "Flight Deck".
Note the very rare shock mounts on the bottom and on the top and the equipment rack.

                                             The plot thickens.  




                                   Now what do I do with the TBW transmitter?








                        K2OBR Ole Buzzard Rick, Zorro K4CHE, Bernie the "Phantom of Smyrna" W3OWE.

        Ray KA3EKH sold his TBW HF set and power supply to Ole Buzzard Rich. Then Rich traded the combination to Bernie W3OWE. Bernie was now missing the low frequency transmitter So I . . .


    . . .  So I passed on my TBW low frequency unit to Bernie to complete his set and made him promise to spray paint my M151A1 and supply the paint. All in all the TBW low frequency transmitter went to a good home, Bernie is a very talented collector and restorer.

        Bernie W3OWE will have to add a "Navy" section to his radio room.

          Manuals, manuals, always a problem. But not if you contact Mr. Robert Downs, WA5CAB. His manuals are perfect reprints with excellent fold out pages. And they don't smell. You can open them up in the kitchen and not hear any complaints from the XYL.

            The Rectifier power supply section,stripped by one of the previous owners, not much there and the project continues, first the testing, then the power supplies.
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