K4CHE Ft. Miles 2009 Page 2
                      Just when you think you are having fun the first
                      shirt shows up.  
         My storage area.  

                                   I usually set up a couple of field phones for visitors.


                                Home brew "switching" power supply for the BC-474,
                       Powered by a small 12 volt battery and used when
                       you get tired of cranking the gen set which takes about
                       45 seconds.
                                                                 Another home brew connector.
                 Troops take a break  

                                   One of the officers tables.

                       Not mine but was on display.
                      BC-611 Wanna Be

                        HQ setup

                            I want one.
      These carbon-Arc searchlights are becoming collectable.
      I would like to set one up at the Gilbert Meet this year.
                                          Officers area.  
            Seaford Radio Club  
                           261st Re Enactors take a break
                      I was happy to see the USAAF represented.
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