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    Power for the GRC-9, and GRC-109 was obtained from a home brew inverter.

  A small 12 volt DC fan cools the heat sink for the 6 and 1.5 volt regulators. The 450 volt winding was selected for output to keep power levels low.
    I leave two connectors permanently attached to the inverter, one for the GRC-9, the other for the GRC-109, RS-1 and RS-6. The CN-690 is used for the GRC-109.  

   I use a small solid state VFO for the GRC-109.

Operating notes and VFO operation.

First, when running low power you have to wait your turn when calling a station --wait until he has worked the 47 stations that are piled on top of him and then call. Zero beating often will not work because of the audio filters used by the stations you may have to off set slightly.


  Power for the VFO is two 9 volt batteries.  
  Insertion for the VFO is the normal crystal socket using RG-174 but be sure and keep the lead short. The other two wires on the nails are the emergency CW keying leads as I grew weary of using the GRC-109 key mounted on the transmitter and broke out the J-38.  
     Mosquitos were very bad when operating outside the tent.  

   Night GRC-9 ops.

Comforting keying the GRC-9 and watching the output neon light go on and off, comforting just listening to the night CW sounds as 80 opens up and you could hear the mosquitos swarming outside the tent screen window trying to figure out how to enter for a midnight snack.


GRC-9 notes: At first I realized that the sidetone for CW was extremely loud, then I opened the manual and searched for an adjustment. "If all else fails RTFM".Duhhh it (the adjustment pot)was on the front panel. After using the set for 75 contacts I now now why operators take the grills off which creates the famous quest later by collectors who search for the "Holy Grill".

Night ops, very hard to keep that little button pushed for the dial light so you can read the receiver frequency.


  My goal was 100 contacts so I ran out of log sheets. Note the next to last contact was K2WI who was running his TCS off of battery.  
    My modified dupe sheet. Each row is a call area.  
    TRC-77, worked a few but hindered a lot by crystal control.  

For my sins I gave my self a new mission Sunday afternoon. I used the Emtech 40 meter kit for the last 20 contacts. I built the kit years ago for a product review and have used it a lot for Field Day operation in the past operating under the natural power rule.

     Home brew paddles.  
    Tick keyer powered by 9 volt battery.  
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