K4CHE Fort Miles Operations
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                           Video A visit to an NCO Tent

Another BC-611 and BC-1000, note the tables used for the display.
           Something that I learned from the "Master of Nomenclature" Dave K3BLT, the WWII era tables have square legs, the later era tables have round legs.

                             Barrel Video

                        The light at the end of the tunnel Video.

                               K4CHE Display, round legs.   
          My field phones were very popular with visitors.

                              CW demo video

       Nanicoke Amateur Radio Club on 20 meters.
                          "Willy and Joe"

                    Chow time.
           You don't see this too often at reenactment rallies. immersion heaters for each can.
            1st can is hot soapy water, 2nd can is a very hot rinse, 3rd can is final hot rinse.

                                              My chow.

                                Misc Videos:

                                 German Troops returning.

                                 GI troops going to chow.

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