Collins 18S-4 K4CHE Station
                31S-4 Control                    18S-4
             Special thanks to "Jeep" K3HVG
          The shock mount is from an old friend of mine the APN-157 Loran.

      The APN-157 and I mated up at Mare Island Naval Shipyard (MINSY) thanks to the Navy I returned to the Air Force with valuable information on the operation of this set. Anyway I spotted the shock mount for this receiver at a hamfest and it wound up in my Operations Center. Photo and info from
               My shock mount was 22 inches long and required a modification
          of the radio rack to accomodate the extra length..
                  The 813 mounted at a 45 degree angle is Unique.
              Bottom view with "test" crystals in place. Note the final tank
coils to the left of the crystal socket panel.

               Front cover removed, door knobs are fixed capicators for
               each channel.

            Dynamotor and RF coils. Look familiar? Its a crystal controlled
repackaged ART-13
                         Master toggle switch on the right.
                 Secret spotting switch mounted behind control head.
                      Later model shock mount.
      Removable connectors for testing and working underneath the chassis.
             Cannon DPD-32-33S
              180K-3 Antenna Matching Network with temporary mount.
        I need the 350D-3 shock mount.

        Type 350C-5 shock mount and 350D-3 mount.
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