Ed's Keys Page two

One of my favorites of Ed's homebrew keys. Look closely and you will see that Ed still sneaked in his call sign on the keys placard.






          This vertical key was fabricate from parts from a polar relay which were used in a lot of applications and were very popular in teletype equipment. It traditionally has two field coils , with one of the coils was excited by a voltage to provide a "mechanical bias" instead of a spring.

Here is what to look for at the hamfest:   POLAR RELAY

and here is a shot of the POLAR RELAY without a cover.

    Try to guess what the main structure of this key is made from:


    Click here for the answer




   And folks to prove that Ed is frugal and can make a key out of any thing . . . . .

       Where did the parts for this key come from"

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                My favorite display of the manufactured keys, the "military" key secton.



    Look closely at this military key , you will find that the knob is metal!

     An old time favorite the military J-36 made by the Toy Train manufacturer LIONEL. After W.W.II this key was readily available on the surplus market and launched many hams into high speed CW. The key continued to be used by the military and in Vietnam by Special Forces at base camps where they had to send routine hourly high speed CW reports. This key has the plastic placard that is often missing from the keys at hamfests.

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