Aberdeen 2010 Page 2  
      Ole Buzzard Rich strikes a deal with
    Mark Weidmayer, KD3ZK.


       WWII mixed in with late model stuff.









                   Jeff Ciccone, KG2BZ and  Tom Bryan, N3AJA 
                      play "what is it."



                What is it?


                    What is it?


                           K4CHE and Emido WA2FSX




         W2OBR strikes another deal with Mike.
     You have to follow OBR around as he makes
     early recon because he seeks, he finds, and
      he acquires all the good deals.
         Buy low sell high.




               Some of Mikes stuff.




       Al, N3FRQ arrived with a backpack laden with com gear.




       Be sure and remove before leaving.




         Breck Smith aka Zorro/K4CHE and Steve Finelli, N3NNG





                          Plenty of vehicles for Sale.



               PRC-77 in a KAC-XX mount.




              Al gives Zorro's jeep the once over. Joe, W3KJT
       is peeking in the rear at the PRC-47 installation.

     PRC-47 on a USMC mobile mount.

A PRC-77 was mounted on the other side of the vehicle.

             Click here for video (6 meg file)




          Nice gun mount and missile stuff.




                     Jeff's vehicles





            Wonder if it is hard to get through
          the state vehicle inspection lanes?



                    AT-1011(30 foot whip) matching unit, not exactly
          out of the book but worked perfectly. When in doubt
             - - -     Improvise, Improvise


                  The above matching system on the AT-1011 provided
            a good 50 ohm load for the SGC-715. Shown on the
            right is a DDS VFO (kit built) which subs for the crystals
            in the SGC-715. A small "microswitch" CW key is on top of the

               ARC-1 with the front cover!
                           Jeff takes a breather.
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