Aberdeen 2009 Page 2
                      the saga continues- - -
       Pat KC2RNN a.k.a. "APC", Bob, zorro k4che,
Emido WA2FSX, and on the far right "Collector Extraordinaire"
the famous Tom Bryan N3AJA.










                    Nice installation




             Forgotten rank and decorations.





                    Mike Baranosky sets up his hugh
                flea market shop.
                    Best prices and good deals.
                Video  Baranosky's Setup (4 meg file)




         Just a corner of Mike's wares.





        The Phantom of Smyrna, Ole Buzzard Rich W2OBR,
and Zorro k4che. Rich and the Phantom had a
6 table flea market area.








        his masters voice.
           Tom demos one of his latest acquisitions.
                      Click her for video.



               Click here for video






        spare parts?

              Ray KA3EKH in QSO with Tom N3AJA,
         Chuck WD8AXA advises.



                Mike hard at work.
       Perfect for that run for milk and bread.  
       Mule complete with BGM-71 Tow missiles.(empty)
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