Aberdeen 2009 Page 3  


   Interior of Jeff's KG2BZ armored car. The
vehicled has a traditonal 14 volt electrical systsm.
The 524 in the rear has a 14 to 24 volt converter
mounted to the side made by "Powerstream"
                     Powerstread info



           Mr. and Mrs. Radio Bunker
             They have a lot of stuff.




                               Radio Bunker For Sale Items




                      Mutt Video


                  The FSE-38 antenna was mounted to
the helmet for short range comm on the push 51.0



                         K4CHE TRC-77
                   TRC-77 video(4 meg file)



         For Sale





                        Nice ROPS installation with the
            front section removed.




                 No ROPS installation.




             Not very comfortable over a flight suit.
             Been there, done that, no T shirt.








         1 green flare"Cleared for takeoff",
    Rejected takeoff? -shoot 1 red flare so that
the aircraft behind you does not engage and
the one behind him, and the one behind him, and
the one . . .








     For some reason there were a lot of
     Swedish Army Cook Kits.


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