WS-19 Connector Fabrication

    Does this lash up this look familiar. Its all most midnight do you know where your test leads are?

MISSION: Fabricate a bench test connector for the MK II Power supply. Note ***

Materials: pins, Vaseline , epoxy.


*** Some of my homemade temporary connectors often become permanent installations.

         The Target

    If possible find an old connector so you can steal the female pins.

   If you can't figure out how to extract the molded portion of the connector there is always the hacksaw method. I mean how do they put some of these connectors together anyway? PFM





          Pry it open





     Extract the plug and tap it lightly or just smash it.

       Harvest the pins

    No pins??  Then use brass tubing.

    Coat the target area with Vaseline including the pins, use a lot or you will be sorry.

       Put your pins on.

     Mix epoxy. Wear gloves, keep out of the eyes and other orifices



     Pour the epoxy level. You can speed up the curing process by heating with a hot air gun. Don't run off and leave it unless you are sure it is level.

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