MRCA 2010 Page 2  
          Joe WA2EJI and his flea market area.
                 Mark KD3ZK and his wares.
                Jeff KG2BZ and his flea market table.
        K8GVH on the left looks on.
              Another mule and passenger.
       PRC-77 mounted in a crypto mount.
             "I think I hear Flory"
                Size 19
                  Dave KB3ELD and his flea market setup.

     Dave gave an excellent presenation at the 2007 MRCA on the M-209. "A portable, mechanical cipher machine". Shown here on display and not for sale.

              Dave in his "Chefs" garb.
                  Chuck WD8AVX and a Harris goodie.
           Jeff tries some of Zorro's rations.

        I all most bought this "pup tent" but then I would
not get the spend the night in my 86 Suburban War Wagon.
It was so much fun that I made a video.

                  CLICK HERE

                     "Be Prepared"
                You can find anything in the flea market.
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