Mission Continued: Convert an OTS* commercial 27 Mcs handheld antenna to 50.1 Mcs**   On the first page the "Quick and Dirty" was to simply remove turns form the original winding of the MAXON WTA-2. However the new coil does not want to stay in place due to the small wire size. On this page I've posed detailed or a more rugged coil conversion and on page following this one you will fine details on a "field tunable antenna".
   I tried several new coils. 60 turns of #22 will give you a very robust coil but it is hard to get all the windings on the coil form.     Wind tight when using number 22 wire, there is not very much room on the center coil form.

   47 turns of #24 seems to be about right, easy to wind and the wire size is easier to manage. Theoretically the #24 wire is larger than the original winding so you should have a higher Q.

This coil can be adjusted slightly by compressing or spreading the windings to achieve best match.

   Secure the windings at each end by going through the coil form and then solder Use the original holes.
   Dip or use your reflected meter and a test setup as shown on the first page of this series. If you use a reflected power meter don't get freaked out on the SWR just tune for min reflected power. There is very little line loss so the SWR is not a factor. Shoot for 3 or 2 to one or go crazy and go for 1 to 1. Every coil here was easily tuned to 1.5 to 1.      For a 1/2 second quick radiation test test I used a florescent light bulb. Notice that no one is holding the bulb, and the photo was taken from the other side of the room. The bulb is suspending from the ceiling with a piece of cord. NOTE: we are probably exceeding the (MPE) Maximum Permissible Exposure radiation minimum standards- conduct this test at your own risk,run low power, stand 30 feet feet away. During all testing the antenna is mounted on a BNC mount on top of a aluminum chassis to simulate the ground plane of the radio.

    Stock up on different wattage's. Great for night recon and emergency lighting course you have to transmit to see then of course there is the MPE so maybe you should just use a MX-99/U **


** For you feather merchants that is a two cell crook- neck Army flashlight.The one with the "secret" lens covers in the bottom.

See Page 3 for a "field tunable" conversion.