Friday night Shakers and Movers. A frivolous bunch.
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          Chuck WD8AXA briefs a guest on his Chinese Radio Display
            Pete WB2JWU superb Wireless SET #19 display complete with rare grills. On the right is a
Type 12 VHF setup. As a point of interest VHF on 144.250 is becoming very popular at the MRCA meet.            
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                            Dale KW1I Coast Watcher's setup.   CLICK

                                     Joe Munson WA4VAG

         Charlie KA1GON makes yet another adjustment on his massive array of antennas on his ambulance.

                   W2HX equipment installed in his Land Rover.



                  Cockpit of the Land Rover. Note the steering wheel location.

                     Click here W2HX vehicle tour.


                 Thursday the vehicle line up but more vehicles will arrive.




                                  Flea Market and the famous Radio Bunker.          
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                         More of Radio Bunker's equipment for sale.


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                             A popular Mule display.





                             Need military paint? Plenty of it in the flea market.


                                  Nice installation.

                Radio Buddies, Jeff KG2BZ, Zorro and "Arc Light" Bob.
        We are a long way from the "border" Bob.
             I was tempted but was not sure about the power plant.

                               Scores of generators , any size.

                       Popular with the reenactor groups.


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