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               Put it on the living room table, conversation piece. 



 Lot of new NOS boots,I guess the color is out of style with the new wars.                                                                          


      The seller purchased this from a "kid earlier for $75.00. The
kid has gone home to get the accessories". I don't speak French.
               In search of the BC-1306 "Holy Grill".
                           Great for heavy items.

               Great for Bars that allow smoking.

Joe W3KJT with his restored DF set.

 I all ready have one in my "Flight Deck".
                       k4che "Flight Deck" photo

The term "Flight Deck" in reference to a radio room was coined by Mike Hanz.       http://aafradio.org/index.html

k4che lunch
                                    Note the canvas case.

                          A tug for your plane




                 More seats.

      The new alternataor for the HUMVEE, note that it has two outputs12 AND 24 volts, they finally figured it out.

                And easy way to work on the bottom of a M151A1, this
(uncut) chassis was for sale and included a vehicle "title".

                            Lots of Officer's Chests.
                    WWI Phones Artillary Battery Phones.
         The case was solid steel.
                           Vehicle Radio with pigeon back up.

              Rear shot of the antenna on my jeep. The vertical with
spring mount is VHF(120-150), the horzitional antenna is an AB-1371/G mount with extra MS-116 sections to allow the antenna to be used on HF on my PRC-47.


                         Forgotten  Fourragère
                      "Hydraulic Autopilot" I used to use long sticks(wooden dowels) with small rubber cups on the ends to fit over the knobs thus twist and control the altitude and heading as the autopilot was always drifting. So you sat back in the seat and let the wooden sticks do the reaching . . . after several hours you were glad you had the "stick"s.
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