AS-2259 Base Connector

           A fabricated connector that is small and
           maintains the coaxial characteristics of the antenna
           mast. Standard SO-239 connector. Easily stored
           in the antenna canvas bag.


    Shopping list:
1. Copper T (1 inch OD ends ,half inch center fitting)
2.Brass tubing one half inch (1/2) OD.
3. Epoxy
4. Spacer material plywood or Plexiglas, lexan etc.
5. Connector SO-230,prefer Teflon

Home Depot, etc. 1/2 inch Brass tubing available at the Hobby Store.

   Use the 1 and 1/4 hole saw to make two spacers that will support the center brass tube conductor. Then drill a one half inch hole in the center of each spacer. Trim and sand outside edges of the spacers for a tight fit inside the copper T-connector. Lexan is excellent material but plywood will suffice.
   Brass tubing is 2 and 1/4 inches in length.
    Drill 1/8 hole at the end of the brass tubing,this will be used for wiring for the connector center conductor.

   Brass tubing fits inside the T-connector.
Spacers keep tubing in center.


   The idea is to fabricate a connector that fit inside AS-2259 mast section. The brass tubing fits inside the masts inner conductor and the copper fitting will fit inside the outer portion.

    Solder the area around the nut on the connector with the connector in place.  Keep solder off of the connector body as you will have to unscrew it from the T- connector.
Use plenty of heat, A teflon connector is best.

                  Unscrew connector.


    Solder a 1 and 1/2 inch wire onto
connector. Screw SO-239 connector back into the T-connector and solder center conductor to the brass tube.


Insert spacers into T-connector about half and inch and then Pour epoxy into T-connector around the brass tubing. Keep connector level. A Heat gun can speed up curing time and make the epoxy very fluid and easy to pour.

               Don't pour epoxy down the brass tube.



Install a quarter inch bolt and wing nut on the T-connector for ground connections just in case you need them.

    "I love the smell of zinc chromate in the morning".
Use plywood for the base, Use a hole saw and
drill 1/8 inch deep hole in
the top for the mount.
            Don't forget the stencils.
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